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Institutional Distinctiveness

XRCVC for Inclusion – Students with disabilities

Midnapore City College (MCC) has always upheld the ethos of Inclusion. The Xavier’s Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged (MCC) – for students with disabilities on campus has always strived to bring in the best inclusive education practices on campus and to be a leader at the national level in the field of inclusion and access for persons with disabilities. MCC in sync with the Jesuit ethos of community outreach, research and education-industry linkages has an extensive scope of work. It has panned across providing inclusive education services to over 110+ in-house students with disabilities each year – across the 21 disability types, training services to persons with disabilities across the country, awareness training for diverse stakeholders, teacher training and inclusive education research. The MCC has also been a leading advocate for Inclusion and regularly engages with the government machinery to building systemic level changes for inclusion.